Give. Don't get.

These causes have each impacted my life. Please check them out, and if you can, donate to them. If I can answer any questions about why I support them, please get in touch.


Steps of Faith Foundation

Nearly 200k Americans lose a limb every year. For only $500, Steps of Faith can get them equipped with a prosthetic and restore a life of opportunity. Billy Brimblecom Jr. is the director, and a friend. I will personally vouch for he & the foundation. Also, Billy was on Unspecified. Give it a listen if you want to know more about him, and the foundation.


KC Mothers in Charge

As of November 28th, 2017 there have been at least 130 homicides just in Kansas City, MO. Nearly 180 when the surrounding area is included. KC Mothers In Charge provides support to victims families, and their director, the amazing Rosilyn Temple, personally visits every homicide scene in KCMO. Listen to her episode on Unspecified if you haven't heard her speak. She is an amazing woman.


Save The Waves

If you have never stood in the ocean and let a wave crash down on you, you need to make this a priority. It's almost as if the ocean is playing with you; knocking you down, and picking you back up, over and over. Our shorelines are in jeopardy due to development & waste. By protecting shorelines, we can preserve a vital part of our ecosystem, the beauty of our coasts, and the joy of playing in the ocean.