Smart Speaker Use On The Rise

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa leads the pack.

Earlier this year, Edison Research published The Infinite Dial 2019, an annual survey of digital media consumer behavior in America.

Long/short, smart speaker owners are on the rise. Approximately 23% of homes have at least one, probably an Amazon Alexa. Google Home, Sonos (with Alexa 😉) & Apple HomePod also all showed. Anyway, in 2017 7% of Americans owned a smart speaker. That's a jump!

The top three uses are:

  1. Listening to music.

  2. Checking weather.

  3. Asking fun questions.

Couple the rise of these devices with data from a late 2018 survey of smart speaker owners by Adobe and things look good for advertisers. 38% of those surveyed by Adobe said they found audio ads less "intrusive" than TV, print, online, and social-media spots.

Smart speakers can be more than just ad platforms, though. How cool would it be if once I receive my meal prep delivery to just say, "Alexa, let's make dinner," Alexa knows what meal prep service I subscribe to, asks me what meal I want to make, and starts playing the directions step-by-step?

I'm curious how you're thinking about leveraging smart speakers for your clients.